Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

Leica DIVE - FALCON Workshop

Feb 6-9, 2018: Come and check out the new Leica TSC SP8 DIVE & FALCON system. Hands-on sessions included!

Confetti Mouse Small Intestine. CFP, GFP, YFP and RFP Sample courtesy of Jacco van Rheenen, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands


We cordially invite you to join an exciting workshop at the CMCB institutes Biotec and CRTD!

Please come, see and test the new Leica TSC SP8 DIVE FALCON system. We will host an upright fixed stage confocal microscope offering single and 2p excitation, spectral detection with internal detectors and for 2p excited signals on HyD-NDDs(!). Moreover you will get the chance to try the brand new fully integrated Leica FLIM solution (FALCON) and  the newest Leica high resolution module (LIGHTNING) - on the fly deconvolution for high and adaptive multicolour imaging. The setup will offer incubation for live cell imaging also.  
Do not miss the introductory seminar taking place on February 6th, 9-11am in the auditorium right, CRTD.

For hands-on sessions sign up via email to isabel.raabe[at]

See the Leica announcement for further details!