Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

TOMOCUBE workshop on holotomographic microscopy

March 22-23: Check out the new HT-2 microscope that combines holotomographic imaging with fluorescence microscopy. Hands-on included!

Cross-sectional slice images of the 3D refractive index distribution of a hepatocyte. Taken from Kim et al., 2016


We cordially invite you to join an exciting workshop on holotomographic microscopy!

An introductory seminar takes place on March 22, 2pm at CRTD, SR1 where TOMOCUBE will present the recently developed 3D holotomography setup which is an optical analogous to X-ray computed tomography. Furthermore the visualization of 3D refractive index distributions of biological cells and tissues measured with the 3D holotomography using the transfer function method will be discussed. The outcome demonstrates outstanding visualization of 3D refractive index maps of live cells, which will be potentially used in various applications in biology and medicine.

For hands-on sessions sign up via email to isabel.raabe[at]