Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

"BioDIP at School" has started

Another school year with exciting experiments and excursions is ahead of us.

Since 2017 BioDIP offers a course in light microscopy to pupils of the secondary school „Gymnasium Bürgerwiese“.  Primary goal is to have FUN while learning fundamentals  in optics as well as discovering & observing biological processes.

Every other week we teach a lesson on a certain topic, e.g.  Why is it important to wash your hands? How do plants breath?
To answer these questions we use a light microscope whose structure and function is repeatedly explained to all pupils. Eventually, they are able use them independently.

Along with the bi-weekly sessions at the school we offer two tours to some of BioDIP’s institutes: MTZ (Medical Theoretical Center), CSBD (Center for Systems Biology Dresden) and MPI-CBG (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics).

On Oct 24, 2018 we started into the new school year with a session that introduced the light microscope in its function and structure.

Here are some impressions from the previous course in 2017/18: