Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

BioDIP Winter Seminar on Super Resolution

Jan 9, 2019: SIMsalabim or How to get a super resolved microscopy image

The BioDIP Lighthouse Seminar Series was established to introduce a microscopy technique, available within the BioDIP, to local scientists and encourage interaction and exchange of information within the community. The seminar typically starts with a short introduction to the technique followed by 2 or 3 application talks, which put their focus mainly on the technical aspects.

This winter seminar is dedicated to Super Resolution with 3D SIM, a technique that uses a 3D structured illumination pattern of light to gain higher contrast as well as double resolution in all directions.

The introduction will be given by Daniel J. White who is the application scientist for high/super resolution microscopy at GE Healthcare.

Moreover two colleagues who already applied 3D SIM in their research projects will give a practical insight into the pros & cons of the technology:
Andreas Müller (PLID)
Sandra Segeltz (MPI-CBG)

Date: Wednesday, 9th January, 2019

Time: 2 - 4pm

Location: MPI-CBG (small auditorium)