Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

Super-Resolution Microscopy Workshop

JAN 15-16, 2019: ANDOR will present SRRF-Stream operating on a sCMOS camera. Hands-on sessions included!

Image taken & modified from Gustafsson et al., 2016

SRRF (Super-Resolution Radial Fluctuations) is a new analytical approach which enables super-resolution imaging on most modern fluorescence microscopes with conventional fluorophores such as GFP. Importantly, SRRF is capable of increasing resolution without the need for high laser intensities and so can be used for imaging living, dynamic systems. Andor offers "SRRF Stream" a real-time super-resolution microscopy module for EMCCDs such as the iXon Life and iXon Ultra. More recently, this is also made possible by using a sCMOS camera.

The workshop will start off with a talk on SRRF followed by individual hands-on sessions during which you can come with your sample and test the method.

More details on the schedule will follow soon.