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Workshop 3D label-free live cell microscopy

JAN 22-24,2019: nanolive will present the 3D Cell Explorer, a holotomographic live cell microscope that combines holography and rotational scanning.

Label-free live cell imaging reveals unique dynamics of cellular organelles and highly dynamic cellular structures, such as mitochondria, lipid droplets, filopodia, dendrites, axons, nucleus and nucleoli etc without any staining or preparation. The 3D Cell Explorer generates no phototoxicity as it needs by an order of magnitude less energy than light sheet microscopes or confocal laser scanning microscopes thereby enabling long-term imaging of fine cellular dynamics. With a lateral resolution of 195nm it allows high resolution imaging of cellular and sub-cellular structures. The whole sample volume is imaged in one acquisition using a fraction of time required by other techniques. 3D holographic rendering allows fast and easy visualisation as well as quantitative data extraction.

With Nanolive’s live cell imaging tool, it is possible to perform long time live imaging at high acquisition speed obtaining high resolution 3D data. This exceeds any live cell imaging capabilities of any other microscope and shows the potential to revolutionize live cell imaging.

The workshop begins with a seminar and is followed by hands-on demo at the microscope.

Talk: 3D Label-free Live cell microscopy

Speaker: Marlies Münseer, Nanolive

Time: 2 pm

Place: MPI-CBG, small auditorium

If you are interested in testing the system, please send an e-mail to Isabel ( including a brief description of your sample. For further questions regarding the sample preparation you can also directly contact the application specialist Marlies Münseer (