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Opening of the Zeiss digital classroom

Feb 5 2020: Opening of a Zeiss digital classroom at the Faculty of Medicine of TU Dresden

This is a tardigrade observed in transmitted light using a 40x magnification.

Date:   February 5, 2020

Time:  10 am to 3 pm

Location: Blasewitzer Str. 86, H105, EG Raum 148/1-2

From now on tardigrates will meet school kids!

Since 2017 the BioDIP team is regularly teaching school kids learning at the Gymnasium B├╝rgerwiese. Until now about 50 pupils were able to join our microscopy course and experience the world of the usually hidden microcosm. They for instance discovered tardigrades in the moss and started to grasp what biology is about.

Our concept is an exciting and multifaceted event inviting pupils to make discoveries and get involved into experiments. The main focus is microscopy - the basics of optics as well as its application in biology! Who is the smallest superman in the world? How to make sugar crystals as colourful as a soap bubble? How do cells from someones mouth look like when stained with ink? How big actually is a hair? The answer to such questions is found by the kids themselves while working in small groups.

The idea comes for Silke Tulok and the BioDIP team who developed the course during the past years:"We want to pass on our enthusiasm for microscopy to the kids. It is fascinating to see how much they are excited by rather easily implemented experiments, how many questions can be asked after looking down the microscope tube and how many new ones immediately pop up. We will not be able to replace school lessons but we surely can trigger the kids interest for the topics." says Silke, a BioDIP light microscopy specialist working in the Core Facility Cellular Imaging of the Faculty of Medicine "Carl Gustav Carus" of TU Dresden.

The motivation of the BioDIP team and its engagement in such school projects convinced Zeiss to donate a classroom set of modern microscopes. This allows the creation of one of the first digital classrooms of this kind in Saxony at the campus of the Faculty of Medicine. In the future kids from different schools will be able to participate and it is planned to involve students in the teaching activities as well. This will enable an even more active promotion for the natural sciences. Starting on February 5, 2020 the first 15 pupils of Gymnasium B├╝rgerwiese grade 5 and 6 will utilize the new classroom and use it for the remaining 10 lessons within this school year.