Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

Light Microscopy Companies

In this section you can find a collection of companies that sell imaging equipment starting from individual components such as filters, light sources etc. up to entire light microscopy systems. We tried to sort them according to the products they sell and manufacture, respectively. The list is far from being complete and will be constantly updated.
If you know of a company that is not listed here but you think it should be then let us know!

Calibration Tools

   French company that develops fluorescent calibration tools.

   German company producing nanorulers particularly suited for high resolution microscopy.


   British company manufacturing high performance scientific digital cameras.

   Japanese company developing photodetectors, light sources, opto-semiconductive
                       devices & more.

   Canadian company producing high quality digital cameras.

   German company specializing on highend scientific camera systems.

  US-American company manufacturing high performance CMOS, EMCCD & CCD.


   German company designing fluorescent markers optimized for superresolution


   German company producing optical filters for Raman, fluorescence and laser spectroscopy.

   US-American company manufacturing optical filters and related products.


   German company & leading supplier for functional cell-based assays cellular microscopy.

   Italian company that offers incubators for time lapse experiments.

Imaging Equipment

   Swiss company providing professional support for live microscopy and data presentation.

   German Company manufacturing manual and motor driven micro-positioning system.

  Company specializing in microscope automation and optical microscopy.

   British company developing high-quality instruments for electrophysiology studies.

   US-American company developing micropipette fabrication technology.

High & Superresolution Microscopy

   German company spezialised on manufacturing STED microscopes.


   German/US-American company producing a video-rate superresolution microscope.

   US-American company offering a superresolution microscope with 3D-SIM technology.

   German company offering superresolution microscopes based on either STORM or STED.

   Japanese company offering microscopes with SIM or STORM technology.

   German company offering a system with PALM and/or SIM technology.

Label free Microscopy

   British company that developed a virtual lense for e.g. label-free cell imaging.

   Phasics, a French company offering products for quantitative phase imaging.

   Czech company offering a multimodal holographic microscope, Q-PHASE.

Light Sheet Microscopy (SPIM)

   US-American company that offers two SPIM setups.

   US-American company offering a single- & double-sided system.

   German company offering the Ultramicroscope particularly suited for large samples.

   Leica combined confocal and lightsheet imaging in one system.

   An spin-off from EMBL in Heidelberg commercializing advanced SPIM systems.

   Zeiss offers the Lightsheet Z.1 along with lenses designed for cleared samples.

Multiphoton Microscopy

   3i offers a MP system designed for high-speed imaging of live animals and tissue.

   Hungarian company specialized on MP setups for neurophysiological imaging.

   German company offering a modular MP system allowing SHG and THG measurements.

   Leica offers the TCS SP8 MP with motorized correction and IRAPO lenses.

   Zeiss offers the LSM 880 with NLO functionality for MP imaging.

Widefield & Confocal Microscopy