December 5, 2013: SPIM microscopy: biological applications and technology

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We kindly invite you to an interactive seminar about SPIM microscopy with talks given by experts in the field and a follow-up discussion. This will be the first seminar of our new “Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform (BioDIP) seminar series” focused on microscopy-driven research with talks given by:

  • Jan Huisken: SPIM technology
  • Pavel Tomancak: SPIM data processing
  • Jan Peychl: SPIM imaging from a core facility perspective

Date: Thursday, Dec 5th
Time: 15.00 - 17.00
Location: CRTD lecture hall (main hall, Auditorium left)
Host: Michael Brand / BioDIP

Selective/Single Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) as a fast evolving and exiting new technique opens a new field due to deep penetration, fast acquisition of 3D data sets and long term time-lapse imaging (of live cells, tissues, developing embryos etc.) without photo damage. Jan Huisken and Pavel Tomancak have key expertise in SPIM technology and data processing and will share their insights during the talks. Jan Peychl will present his experiences with the Zeiss-SPIM-system from a core facility perspective. After the talks we would like to discuss over some wine and beer about the applications for your own research and the potential need for an additional SPIM system at the CRTD. Do not miss this seminar!

Facility: BioDIP

Topic: Talk

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