MPI-MZ1 - Zeiss 2photon upright - startup & shutdown

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How to start up the Zeiss 2photon upright


MZ1-Main switch.png

  • Switch on the Main Switch on the remote control.
  • Switch on the Systems/PC and the Components button one after the other
  • Please wait until the microscope stand (ie. the LCD display) has started up completely, then switch the PC on by hand (if you do that too early, it might be that the computer can't "find" the microscope)

MZ1-Argon control.png

If you are going to use the Argon laser (458, 477, 488, and 514nm):

  • Switch on the main (black) button on the argon laser controller
  • Make sure that the Tube current is on minimum (this is the black knob)
  • Turn the key to "I"
  • Wait a couple of minutes (while starting up the rest of the system) until the green light goes on. Then turn the knob up until you see the red light flickering up. Turn the knob (tube current) down again until the red light is just off again. This should give you a stable working power of about 6A.

MZ1-Coherent control.png

If you are going to use the 2photon laser:

  • Turn the key of the Coherent controller to "ON"

MZ1-Metal halide control.png

If you want to look at your fluorescence through the eypieces:

  • Switch on the Metal Halide lamp
  • On the wheel you will be able to adjust the intensity (Note: the lamp is very bright. You probably want to start with the lowest light level)


  • Log in as lmf user
  • Start the Zen software
  • When asked, click "Start System"
  • Go to the Acquisition tab and choose either "Default" or you own workspace configuration.
  • In the laser menu, switch on the 561nm laser and open the shutter of the chameleon (2photon) laser, if you are going to use them.

How to switch off the Zeiss 2photon upright

Before you do anything, please check the LMF booking database at the END(!) of your imaging session to see whether you are the last user or not!!!

If you are not the last user...

- Please close the software and log off the Windows user account

If you are the last user...

MZ1-Argon control.png

  • If you used the 2-photon laser use the software to adjust the laser back to 800 nm
  • Turn down the tube current of the argon laser (black knob) and turn the key into "0" position
  • Wait about 5 minutes for the laser to cool down before switching off the unit completely!
  • Save your data.
  • Close Software.
  • Shift your data to your fileserver and delete older data from the harddrive.
  • Shut down the computer.

MZ1-Coherent control.png

  • Switch the Coherent 2photon laser back to "Standby"

MZ1-Metal halide control.png

  • Switch off the Metal halide lamp
  • Clean the objectives you used. All of them! Properly!
  • After 5 minutes or when the cooling has switched off, switch off the main switch on the Argon laser controller

MZ1-Main switch.png

  • Switch off the Components and the Systems/PC button one after the other
  • Switch off the main switch

Basic troubleshooting

1) I can't switch on the transmitted light on the stand

If the transmitted light is not responding by pressing the "ON" button on the LCD screen, try turning up the power of the transmitted light in the back on the right side of the microscope body. If this doesn't help, see point 3)

2) I don't see any "fluorescence" light

If you can turn the Fluorescence light on on the LCD screen, but still see no light, check the Metal halide controller (on the table, left next to the monitor): Is it switched on? Also try turning up the intensity.

3) I can't switch on light for observing the sample through the eyepieces

If you are not able to switch Transmitted light or Fluorescence light on over the LCD display (ie. you press "ON" but nothing happens) it might be that you started up the system too fast. Switch off the software, shut down the computer. Switch the microscope stand off over the "ON/OFF" button on the left side of the microscope body. Wait a few seconds. Switch it on again. Wait until the stand and the LCD system are fully started. The microscope should now behave again. Restart computer and software.

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