March 4, 2014: Refractometer Demo

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We have the pleasure to invite you all for the demonstration of an advanced refractometer, the J457 from Rudolf Research Analytical, which might well suit the needs of the community of microscopists of the whole campus. Indeed, this machine has among all the other characteristics a measurement range of refractive index that goes from 1.26 to 1.72, it's highly accurate, temperature control (10-110°C), and can measure through solid matter too (e.g. animal tissues).

Seminar: 11:15 MPI-CBG Galleria

Practical Part: Available for testing for one week in MPI-CBG LMF wet lab (room 036)

It is very important for us all to understand the real capabilities of the machine. And since Mr. Schmidt, who will come for the demonstration, would be available to test real samples the on 4th of March, please bring your media, specimens, and challenging tissues. In the case you would like to measure solid materials, just consider that the diameter of the sample should be less than 10 mm, and that hard samples like glass have to be polished.

Facility: MPI-CBG LMF

Topic: DEMO

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