November 7th, 2014: BioDIP Coordination Group Meeting

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The BioDIP Coordination Group is composed of Prof. Michael Brand (BIOTEC, CRTD), Ivan Baines (Chief Operating Officer of the MPI-CBG), Prof. Gerd Kempermann (DZNE, CRTD), Prof. Stephan Grill (BIOTEC), Prof. Stefan Diez (BCUBE), Jan Peychl (Head LMF MPI-CBG), Sabine Matthiae (Head of Administration, CRTD) and Hella Hartmann (BioDIP Coordinator). An overview of the current state of the project will be given and the strategic future development of the BioDIP network will be defined.

Facility: Imaging@BIOTEC/CRTD

Topic: Meeting of the BioDIP Coordination Group

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