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== Course schedules ==
== Course schedules ==
* [[BasicCoursePhDProg - Basics in Light Microscopy - schedule March 2020]]
* [[BasicCoursePhDProg - Basics in Light Microscopy - schedule April 2019]]
* [[BasicCoursePhDProg - Basics in Light Microscopy - schedule April 2019]]

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[edit] Cool Videos we made for teaching and information

Videos at Vimeo (in HD) These show Abbe's diffraction experiments (Peter Evennett), cool SPIM 3D reconstructions, and the effects of the confocal pinhole etc.

[edit] Light Microscopy

[edit] BioDIP Microscopy Course

[edit] add-on

[edit] Peter Evennett Microscopy Course

[edit] add-on

[edit] Companies' Resources

[edit] Other Resources

[edit] Related Sections

[edit] Image Processing

[edit] IPF Image Processing Courses

[edit] General Image Processing reading material

[edit] High Content Screening

[edit] DIPP course from the TDS of the MPI-CBG

[edit] Other courses

[edit] Matlab

See also the handouts of the Matlab for biologists course at the Light Microscopy Centre of the ETH Zürich and the materials of the Matlab programming course for Biophysicists at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

[edit] Course schedules

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