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First Call for Job Shadowing Guests and Course Participants within the GerBI Educational Programme.

Aim of the GerBI Educational Programme is to foster the exchange of know-how and to advance the level of expertise and professional competence within the Bioimaging Community, in particular among managers of Imaging Core Facilities.

The Job Shadowing Programme promotes visits of Core Facility staff members to other Core Facilities to learn more about the operation procedures of such facilities and their teaching activities and/or about a specific imaging technique.

The One Place for GerBI Programme enables interested scientists to take part in a training Course provided by Core Facilities or Research Groups outside their own institution.

Please find more information and a list of "One Place for GerBI" courses and "Job Shadowing" hosts on http://www.germanbioimaging.org/wiki/index.php/1st_Call_for_Educational_Programme.

If you like to apply, please fill in the Job Shadowing Guest and Course Participant form. German BioImaging will function as organisational platform to bring together course providers and applicants, Job Shadowing hosts and guests, and will also offer travel grants.

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