ASC Fluorescence and Brightfield Imaging

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First step of the system check. The purpose is to test the general performance of the system: Do the basic functions work fine? Does the acquisition software behave as it should? Can one set up Koehler illumination? Are the transmitted and the reflected beam-paths ok? Although this test does not represent high-resolution work, it might reveal general problems with the system.


  • basic sample with fluorescence and contrast in transmitted light (i.e. Zeiss/Leica Convallaria demo sample)


  • set up the beam-path for fluorescence and transmitted light
  • use basic air objective (i.e. 10x/0.4)
  • acquire two images in basic resolution (i.e. 512x512)


  • Does the illumination look reasonably homogeneous over the whole field of view in both images?
  • Is the transmitted light image free of dirt particles?
  • Are both images free of artifacts?


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