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Andor iQ needs the following to be read-write:

First display hidden files: control panel - folder options - show hidden files

Second, turn off the "use simple file sharing" setting in Control Panels - Folder options - View tab - advanced setting, last item in the list.

Third - Click the "reset all folders" button in the view tab.

Now the file permissions should appear as a tab when you right click on a folder and choose Properties.

Next set permissions to full control for all users for

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kinetic Imaging\

(and all subdirectories)

In Windows 7 you find this folder here: (You need to set full permission for all users and all subdirectories)


Open the "Configuration manager" software from andor.

first, select a real drive (change from virtual drive) to a physical disk drive which is not the operating system drive (C:). Choose for example the data disk

next - turn multi-level user control "off" (uncheck the box)

next define location of the Shared ImageDisk in the configuration manager

then give full permission to that KineticImageDisk directory

also give full permission to:
C:\Program Files\Andor Bioimaging\Common Files

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