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Check 405 laser beam paths

This systems has a single 405 diode laser that is split between the duo scanner and the imafing scanner, via 2 independednt AOTFs

Sometimes things go wrong, and one can;'t see any 405 laser at the sample. The prodecure below help one trouble shoot this, and find where the problem might be.

Software Initiation

  1. Start the software
  2. Make sure "Scan New Images" is clicked
  3. Then press "Start Expert Mode"

Test Setup

Here is a screen shot of the settings you need to get set. More description below


  1. On the laser unit, remove the left hand side dummy (unused) light fiberoptic out port,

so you can look into the back of the laser unit and see the stray light from the 405 laser (if its working)

  1. When the 405 laser is in ON made you will see fairly bright violloet stray light through the hole.
    • if you can see light, then the laser itself is working

  1. Laser Control
    Switch on the 405 laser.
  2. Microscope Control
    Select the 80/20 primary beam splitter
  3. Open the "High Level HWAdmin" and "HWAdmin" tools
    • the one is the macros
    • and the one in the Maintain section

Replicate the settings in the above image in the 2 HW admin tools:

  1. choose the servo tab
  2. choose objects "405" and "lambda2 live 405"
  3. Turn on the laser as per laser power measurement - turn on the channel and turn up the laser power.
  4. select/switch between the LSM and DSC buttons to swap the beam path having its power adjusted by its AOTF

Now you can play with the servo slider and see if the power od the laser at the objective changes, and switch between beam paths to see of they both work.

you can put a kimwipe or other tissue paper on the sample plane to easier see the 405 light.

These instructions were given to Dan White on 1st july 2010 bt Zeiss engineer Ralf Compart.

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