February 16, 2015: "Engineering Fluorescence for Mircoscopy" seminar (Thermo Fisher)

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Engineering fluorescence for microscopy

Speaker: Nick J Dolman PhD

From: Research & Development Molecular Probes Labeling and Detection Technologies Thermo Fisher Scientific

When: Friday, 16th January 2015

Time: 11:00

Where: Small Auditorium, MPI-CBG

Fluorescence microscopy is one of the most commonly employed techniques in cell biology. Data from fluorescence imaging offers the benefit of both spatial and temporal resolution as well as multi-parametric analysis of cells in heterogenous populations. This technical seminar will provide an introduction to fluorescence, discussion of the properties of fluorescent dyes and proteins. Strategies for engineering fluorophores to optimize them for imaging applications will be described using recently developed technologies to illustrate these approaches. Considerations for labeling live and fixed cells will be presented with an emphasis on super-resolution microscopy.

Facility: MPI-CBG LMF

Topic: Fluorescence Microscopy

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