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Start up and Shut down manual for the OMX system MPI-LMF H1


General notes

Please ask LMF for training. See section 3.3 of OMX manual at the system

  • The paper OMX manual at the system explains the full power on and off procedures, but might be out of date.
  • On this Wiki page is written the normal user power on/off procedures, and also the full power on/off procedures.
    • Normal users do not fully power off/on the system
    • Certain components are usually left on for stability reasons: galvos, liquid coolers, camera and OMXIC computers, fans etc.

Normal User System Turn ON

  1. Open the doors of the laser unit to see what is already on.
  2. Make sure all computers are on and booted up, and logged in.
    1. 4x camera computers plus the OMXIC computer in the laser unit
    2. Both the OMX master and the Linux reconstruction workstation computers (red button to turn on)
  3. Power ON the OMX hardware control and laser systems in the laser unit:
    1. Nanomotion Chassis - right side
    2. OMX Instrument Controller Chassis - right side
      1. make sure the despeckle unit has power (green light next to the switch number 1 - it should make a noise and vibrate the laser unit)
    3. Peizo z controller (bottom left of the unit - small power switch on front of controller - bottom right)
  4. Power on the 2 laser control modules on the bottom left
    1. Main power of both boxes, then also turn on each laser power under the label for each laser line.
    2. Turn the interlock key to position 1 - so laser light is allowed out of the system
  5. The light on the laser unit door and the OMX enclosure should be green (means powered on but not active yet.)
  6. Make sure you are logged into the OMX master windows computer (the left one)
  7. Start the OMX software
  8. restart the OMX hardware
    1. menu item: Hardware - Hardware
    2. Click the "Restart Hardware" button - wait for a couple of min.
    3. When its done there should be no red text at the hardware and camera status displays.
      1. the camera icon should no longer be grayed out - and you should be able to take images from one or all the cameras.

Normal user System Turn OFF

  1. Upload your data to your file server, using the smb://filserver/yourname trick in the file browser window to get to your fileserver space.
    1. Once you are sure its copied to the fileserver and safe, delete it from the /data1/UserData/ on the Linux SI reconstruction workstation computer

Before you do anything else, please check the LMF booking database at the END of your imaging session to see whether you are the last user or not!!!

If you are NOT the last user...

  1. Leave the system up and running - no need to close the software or turn anything off, or log out of the computers.

If you ARE the last user...

  1. Close the OMX software and shut down the OMX master windows and the SI reconstruction Linux computers
  2. Turn off lasers
    1. Turn the laser interlock key to 0
    2. Switch off the individual power to each of the lasers
    3. Switch off the 2 power buttons of the laser units.
  3. Switch off the OMX hardware chassis
    1. Turn off the Nanomotion chassis
    2. and also turn off the OMX Instrument Controller chassis.
  4. Power off the z peizo controller.

In the laser unit: You can leave the 4 camera computers on, and the OMXIC computer on. You can leave on the 4 galvo controller boxes (which you shouldn't have needed to turn on as a normal user) The GB ethernet switch is left powered in and the green lights on it will stay on. Leave the 2 Koolance liquid coolers ON. Leave the HEPA filter fan ON.


  • Are the 4 galvo controllers powered on?
  • No SI illumination after startup? Just run a dummy SI experiment, then all will be well - this is a known bug.

Full System Power ON

Before following the user power on steps above, do the following:

  1. Turn on the 2 Koolance liquid cooler units for the camera cooling.
  2. Power on the 4 galvo controllers
    1. Turn on the 2 galvo controller units on the left and right back side of the laser unit
    2. Turn on the other 2 galvo controllers on the back side of the OMX enclosure.
  3. Turn on the 4 camera computers and the OMXIC computer by pressing the red buttons.
  4. Turn on the HEPA filter fan on the back of the OMX enclosure.

Full System Power OFF

  1. Camera computer and OMXIX computer shut down by remote desktop
    1. Go to the remote desktop of each camera computer and the OMXIC computer from the windows OMX master computer
    2. Shut them down from the Windows Security button in the start menu.
      1. Note: RDP shortcuts are in the RDP folder on the Desktop.
      2. To shut these computers down: its not like notmal windows shut down, you must use the "Windows Security" button instead.

Nothing further special to take care of, just turn off all the stuff mentioned above.

Personal DV power on and off

  • The personalDV system is part fo the OMX system but doesn not need to be on

to use the OMX itself.

  • The heater box should me left on at 25oC all the time - dont turn it off - and leave all the doors and hatches closed on the heater box (weather station)


  1. Turn on the ICMIC box under the microscope - the round button - it will go green.
  2. Turn on the linux computer on the floor on the right - then log in
  3. Turn on the camera power on the camera head.
  4. Proceed as per the MPI-W2_-_DeltaVision_Core_-_Startup_%26_shutdown
  5. The Xenon fluorescence lamp is turned on using the lightbulb icon in the softworx control software.


  1. Lamp off
  2. close software
  3. log out and shutdown pDV Linux computer
  4. press green bitton on ICMIC - it wil turn off after a short time
  5. turn the power of the camera head off
  6. leave the heater box (weather station) ON at 25oC

Changes and Updates

New as of Blaze upgrade - 12/2011:

  • Four galvo control boxes. 2 on the back of the OMX enclosure, 2 on the back of the laser unit, left and right sides.
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