January 14, 2014: OMX imaging workshop: High resolution and fast widefield imaging

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Structuring your imaging: How the OMX system can help you to perform high resolution and fast widefield imaging

Speakers: Dan White (GE Healthcare), Andreas Müller (PLID), Xin Liang (MPI-CBG), Uddipta Biswas (MTZ)

Date: 14th January 2014

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Place: MPI-CBG, Galleria

The Optical Microscope eXperimental (OMX) system, which we have in-house, can be your instrument of choice when it comes to the acquisition of high resolution images (using Structured Illumination Microscopy = SIM) and fast multi-channel widefield imaging. This workshop intends to provide guidance, how the OMX system can help you with your imaging project. Dan White - application specialist for the OMX system - will introduce the OMX and principles of SIM. Furthermore, three users of the OMX system in the LMF will share their experiences with SIM and present their work.

Here's the program:

A. Introduction to the OMX system and SIM

Dan White: Confocal busting resolution and contrast on the DeltaVision OMX - what can it do for your project?

B. Application talks

1. Andreas Müller: Correlative light and electron microscopy for quantitative analysis of insulin granule biogenesis and turnover
2. Xin Liang: Structured illumination imaging of Drosophila sensory neurons
3. Uddipta Biswas: Using the OMX system for improved resolution of mammalian meiotic chromosomes, the synaptonemal complex and associated proteins

C. Round table discussion

Facility: MPI-CBG LMF

Topic: Workshop

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