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The scheduler states different times depending on which browser you use to access it. In some cases the bar displayed in the schedule doesn't match the time displayed in the information window of the reservation.

PC 1

  • FF 3.0.13 PC 13:30 Scheduler firefox3 PC.png
  • IE 7 PC 13:30 Scheduler ie7 PC.png

Mac 1

  • FF 3.5 Mac 13:30 Scheduler FF 3.5 mac.png
  • FF 3.0.12 Mac 12:30 Scheduler firefox3 mac.png
  • FF 3.0.7 Mac 13:30 Scheduler FF 3.0.7 Mac.png
  • SF 3.2 Mac 13:30 Scheduler safari3.2 mac.png

Mac 2

  • SF 3.0 Mac 12:30 Scheduler safari3.0 mac.png

(FF Firefox, IE Internet Explorer, SF Safari)


Time zone setting.png

The correct setting of the time zone in "My Control Panel", "Change Profile" to GMT+1 (Germany time zone) appears to be different from what everybody else is using. After setting the time zone to GMT+0 (UK time zone), above scheduling times are shifted up 1 hour and now match what most users see when they book. --Jakob 11:42, 13 August 2009 (UTC)

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