SD3 - Zeiss Spinning Disc

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Suitable for fast live confocal imaging.


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MPI-CBG-Lmf-logo-big.pngMPI-CBG LMF (MPI-CBG, 038B)



microscope Zeiss - Axio Observer, Inverted stand, motorized with Definite Focus (hardware autofocus), 1.6x Optovar, Prior NanoScanZ, Märzhäuser xy scanning stage
Zeiss Plan-Apochromat 10x 0.45
Zeiss C-Apochromat 63x 1.2 W
Zeiss LCI Plan-Neofluar 63x 1.3 Gly/Water DIC
Zeiss Alpha Plan-Apochromat 100x 1.46 Oil DIC
Zeiss Plan-Apochromat 40x 1.3 Oil DIC
Zeiss LD LCI Plan-Apochromat 25x 0.8 Oil/Glyc/Water DIC
Zeiss LD C-Apochromat 40x 1.1 W
Zeiss Plan-Apochromat 63x 1.4 Oil DIC
Transmitted Light (LED)
Fluorescence (Metal Halide, HXP, 120W)
Laser Diode 405 nm
Laser DPSS 445 nm
Laser DPSS 488 nm
Laser DPSS 520nm
Laser DPSS 561 nm
Laser DPSS 639nm
detection Spinning disc scan head Yokogawa CSU-X1 with two camera ports; pinhole radius: 25um, pinhole spacing: 250um;

3 DCs: (1) RTFT 405+488+561; (2) RQFT 405+488+568+647; (3) RTFT 457+514+647

Zeiss AxiCam MRm with EM filter wheel: (1) BP 450/50, (2) 458LP, (3) DBP 527/54 + 645/60, (4) 535/30, (5) 629/62, (6) BP 690/50;

Roper evolve 515 EMCCD with manual EM filter holder

reflectors Pos 1: empty for use with CSU

Pos 2: FS49: Ex 365, BS 395, EM BP445/50
Pos 3: FS38HE: Ex BP470/40, BS 495, EM BP525/50
Pos 4: FS43HE: Ex BP550/25, BS 570, EM BP605/70
Pos 5: FS50: Ex BP640/30, BS 660, EM BP690/50
Pos 6: 80/20 mirror for FRAP

features 63x 1.3 Imm Korr lens - AxioCamMR3 - 2x binning. Pix spacing = 204.762 nm. Pinhole spacing is 250um and pinhole size is 50um diameter
software Zeiss ZEN Blue 2.6
incubation Cage incubator (T+CO2)
  • [ beam path]
  • [ advanced system check] MOZG04081820000

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