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Imaging@Biotec.jpgImaging@BIOTEC/CRTD (CRTD, -1.119)




microscope Leica - DMI6000, Inverted stand, manual XYZ stage, Z-piezo stage, fluorescence, transmitted light with automatic DIC, resonating scanner (optional), Multi-Photon laser
Leica HC PL APO 10x 0.4
Leica HC PL APO 20x 0.7 Imm Corr
Leica IRAPO L 25x 0.95 W
Leica HC PL APO 40x 1.25-0.75 Oil
Leica HC PL APO 63x 1.4-0.6 Oil
Leica HC PL APO CS 100x 1.4-0.7 Oil
Transmitted Light (Halogen)
Fluorescence (HBO)
Laser Diode 405 nm
Laser Argon Multiline 458, 477, 488, 496, 514 nm
Laser DPSS 561 nm
Laser HeNe 633 nm
Laser Multiphoton 710-990 nm
detection point scanner and resonnant scanner, 2 confocal HyD´s, 3 confocal PMTs, T-PMT, AOBS for excitation/emission splitting, SP detector for detection range selection, common pinhole
Non Descan Detector for Multi Photon Imaging : FITC (525/50), TRITC (610/70)
reflectors DAPI (A): EX 360/40; BS 400; EM LP 425

FITC (I3): EX 470/40; BS 510; EM LP 515
TRITC (N2.1): EX 537/45; BS 580; EM LP 590

features simultaneous imaging, sequential imaging, line scan, point scan, Z stacks, multi-position imaging, time-series, advanced time-series, averaging, summarizing, scan zoom and rotation, FRAP.
software -
incubation Cage incubator (T+CO2)
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inv.nr. 71928

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