September 12, 2014: Chemical identification and surface measurements on nanoparticles using the NanoTweezer

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In this talk, Dr. Abbey Weith overview Optofluidics’ NanoTweezer Technology, the first commercial system capable of performing chemical identification and direct surface measurements on single nanoparticles in solution. Using proprietary nanophotonic devices and microfluidics, the NanoTweezer works by directly optically trapping small scale objects in solution and analyzing their scattered light, enabling the system to extract meaningful physical and chemical parameters. Unlike traditional free space optical traps which are light diffraction limited and thus can only influence dielectric objects larger than a hundred nanometers in size, the NanoTweezer technology is powered by proprietary nanophotonic waveguides which are engineered to exert stronger optical forces via light confinement and resonance, enabling a technological leap in trapping and analysis capability. The talk will cover the technology’s working principles (including waveguide capturing and single particle Raman spectroscopy) and its applications to nanomedicine, nanotoxicology and other fields. The system is commercially available in Germany.

Facility: MPI-CBG LMF

Topic: Seminar: Optofluidics - NanoTweezer Technology

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