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This page provides an overview of the this wiki's structure. It should help editors to under the layout and find pages and categories of interest.


first words

Let's start with a basic idea of how this wiki is structured.

  • On the left hand side you will find the sidebar which provides links to subpages. In case you want edit this sidebar, search for mediawiki:sidebar, using the search field in the sidebar. Remember: editing this page requires a sysop account.
  • A couple of content management tools are used for this wiki, which are:
    • Pages represent the basic layout of every wiki. These documents can contain formatted text, links, embedded images and so on. They can be edited via the "edit" tab on top of each page. By doing this, one usually has access to the full content of the document, that means everything (text, links etc.) which is displayed on this page can be edited directly in wiki markup without the need to access other content. If you want to learn more about editing pages, follow the link to the MediaWiki Help in the help section. One exception are so called semantic queries, which can collect data from other pages and categories (see semantic properties below).
    • Special pages should be seen as implemented programs which offer a certain functionality. Therefore these pages cannot be added. How you can use a special page depends on its purpose. Some of them just collect data (i.e. Special:ListFiles which lists all uploaded files), others enable tools (i.e. Special:RunQuery which can provide a semantic query by combining a template and a semantic form). See Special:SpecialPages for a list of all special pages.
    • Categories offer a powerful possibility to group pages according to their similarities. You can put a page in a category simply by adding
      at the end of the page. Again, follow the link to the MediaWiki Help in the help section to learn more about it.
    • Templates are the way to go if you want to pre-define the layout of pages. Various templates are used in this wiki, since they avoid too much copy+paste and centralize the layout editing. One example in this wiki is the layout of the equipment pages, which is defined in template:equipment. Think about what happens if you want to change the header of the equipment pages without templates - you would need to edit every single page. As it is now, you just need to modify one template. Learn more about templates in the MediaWiki Help (help section).
    • Semantic properties can be seen as an extended category system and are integrated by using the semantic mediawiki plugin. Text can be turned into properties in two ways, either by wrapping the text of interest like this:
      or by setting the property at the end of the page:
      The first way turns the text into a link to the property, whereas the second way is invisible on the page. In a second step, you can query for certain categories and properties, which means that data can be automatically collected from multiple pages. Check the equipment list if you need an example. The semantic mediawiki plugin provides a lot of functionalities and is very useful to structure this wiki in a semi-automated way. Please follow the link to the Semantic MediaWiki User Manual in the help section.
      The additional plugin semantic forms increases the usability even more, by adding a more user-friendly level of editing the wiki content. Full knowledge of the wiki markup language is not necessary anymore, thus pre-defined pages can be added and edited by non-experienced users. On the other hand, setting up useable forms requires knowledge about categories, templates and semantic properties. As usual, refer to the help section for further information.



This section of the sidebar provides everything that is necessary for an ordinary visitor.




  • semantic query for facilities
  • links to contact information sheet + how-to-register page
  • semantic query: Category:Facility + include::Yes
Contact & Registration
  • contact information sheet: semantic query for Category:Facility + include::Yes, layout based on template:facility_contact_sheet_2


Page with links to semantic queries.

Light Microscopes
  • Full list of light microscopes: semantic query for category:microscope, layout controlled by template:equipment list
  • Light microscope query: user-driven semantic query, facilitates form:equipment query and template:EquipmentQuerier
  • full list of computers: semantic query for type::computer, layout controlled by template:computer list

Teaching Material

  • Content: links to documents related to teaching (mainly presentations that where convert to pdf and uploaded via Special:Upload)
  • Type: page


  • Content: subcategories for user manuals
  • Type: category (category:manuals), subcategories are partly overlapping (i.e. some manuals are hardware- as well as system-specific)
  • Content: hardware-specific user manuals, i.e. startup & shutdown procedures
  • Type: category (category:hardware), subcategory of category:manuals
  • Content: software-specific user manuals, i.e. how to run a tile scan
  • Type: category (category:software), subcategory of category:manuals
System specific
  • Content: system-specific user manuals, i.e. startup & shutdown procedure for MPI01
  • Type: category (category:system specific), subcategory of category:manuals


  • Content: links to external ressources, i.e. microscope objective databases
  • Type: page


Images acquired with our equipment
  • Content: image data which represents certain features
  • Type: page
  • Content: photos, i.e. from PhD courses
  • Type: page


  • Content: list of interesting papers about topics related to imaging
  • Type: page


This section of the sidebar supports editors.

Recent changes

  • Content: summary of all changes made to this wiki
  • Type: special page


  • Content: links to this page and external ressources (i.e. MediaWiki Help, Semantic MediaWiki Plugin User Manual)
  • Type: page (editing requires sysop account)
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