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Suitable for correlative light electron microscopy/tomography (CLEM) with multi-channel imaging of fixed sample, sample screening, including CFP/Yfp FRET, image acquisition for deconvolution and DIC imaging, dark field microscopy.
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MPI-CBG-Lmf-logo-big.pngMPI-CBG LMF (MPI-CBG, U35)




microscope Zeiss - Axioplan 2, Upright stand, manual XY stage, motorized Z-drive, fluorescence, transmitted light with manual DIC; special dark field condenser
Zeiss Fluar 5x 0.25
Zeiss Plan-Neofluar 10x 0.30
Zeiss Plan-Neofluar 40x 0.75
Zeiss Achroplan 63x 0.80
Zeiss Plan-Apochromat 63x 1.4 Oil DIC
Zeiss Plan-Apochromat 100x 1.4 Oil DIC
Zeiss Achroplan 20x 0.5 W Ph2
Zeiss C-Apochromat 63x 1.2 W
Zeiss EC Plan-Neofluar 100x 1.3 Oil Iris
Transmitted Light (Halogen)
Fluorescence (Metal Halide, X-Cite, 120W)
detection Diagnostic Instruments RT SPOT monochrome camera with 1600x1200 pixels (6.7 um^2); imaging source fire wire monochrome camera DMK 31AF03 FC 8bit with 1024 x 768 pixels (4.65um^2)
reflectors DAPI (X BP 333-383, D LP 408, M BP 432-484)
FITC (X BP 446-494, DLP 513, M BP 516-567)
TRITC ( X BP 543-554, D LP 578, M BP 579-637
YFP 491-509, D LP 517, M BP 519-546)
CFP X BP 426-446, D LP 453,M BP 465-499)
Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase Contrast, and DIC
FITC/TRITC (X DBP 474-490 & 542-566, D DBP 502-533 & 577-677< M DBP 503-533 & 581-621)
features -
software MetaVue, version 7.1.3
incubation Not available
  • [ manual]
  • [- laser power values]
  • [- beam path]
  • [ advanced system check]
inv.nr. 401536

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