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Suitable for high content screening of fluorescently labeled or unlabeled cells, either alive or fixed..
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Imaging@Biotec.jpgImaging@BIOTEC/CRTD (BIOTEC, 242)



microscope MD ImageXpress Micro XLS System, Inverted stand, -
Nikon PlanApo Lambda 2x 0.1 WD 8.5 mm
Nikon PlanApo Lambda 4x 0.2 WD 20 mm
Nikon PlanApo Lambda 10x 0.45 WD 4 mm
Nikon PlanApo Lambda 20x 0.75 WD 1 mm
Nikon PlanApo Lambda 40x 0.95
Nikon PlanFluor 10x 0.3 WD 16 mm
Nikon PlanFluor ELWD 20x 0.45 Ph1
Transmitted Light (Nikon 100w Pillar Diascopic Illuminator)
Fluorescence (Lumencor Spectra X light engine)
detection 4.66 Megapixel scientific CMOS
reflectors DAPI: EX 377/50 Dichroic 344-404 (R), 415-570 (T) EM 447/60

CFP: EX 438/24 Dichroic 426-450 (R), 467-600 (T) EM 483/32
Texas Red: EX 562/40 Dichroic 530-585 (R), 601-800 (T) EM 624/40
GFP: EX 472/30 Dichroic 442-488 (R), 502-730 (T) EM 520/35
Cy5: EX 628/40 Dichroic 594-651 (R), 669-726 (T) EM 692/40
Customized Cy5 will follow

features hardware autofocus
software MetaXpress Imaging and Analysis software

AcuityXpress Analysis and Visualization software
MDCStore database and Microsoft SQL Express"MetaXpress Imaging and Analysis software<br /> AcuityXpress Analysis and Visualization software<br /> MDCStore database and Microsoft SQL Express" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

incubation Cage incubator (T+CO2)
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  • [ laser power values]
  • [ beam path]
  • [ advanced system check] 25007452

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