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Please consider the following points:

  • This wiki is an open-content collaborative project, thus the content is provided freely and no kind of contract or agreement is created between the you (the viewer) and anybody of the editors, administrators or people mentioned by name within the content.
  • A voluntary and non-restricted group of people contributes to the content, which means, the structure allows every individual with the necessary editor knowledge to add, remove and modify the content.
  • BioDIP tries to constantly review and update the given content, but does not guarantee for its validity, accuracy and reliability.
  • Therefore nobody out of BioDIP can be made responsible for certain parts of the content.
  • No agreements between you (the viewer) and others are made regarding the use or modification of this information beyond the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).
  • Trademarks or similar rights used in this wiki's content are property of their respective owners.

Inspired by Wikipedia disclaimer

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