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Dear colleagues,

within our community there were ideas coming up to distribute some work that previously had been done by Isabel or Hella as well as some new ideas that we might want to take on. The idea was to have a rotating chair and co-chair and to establish working groups. Please see a first draft below and please insert your ideas and feelings about it! If you need editing rights, please get in touch with Silke W.

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Chair, Co-Chair

  • Yearly rotation:
  • Chair -> released
  • Co-chair -> chair of the next year
  • New co-chair
  • Alternative: yearly vote on prolongation for chair instead of rotation
  • Responsibilities:
  • Coordination (make sure that meetings take place and are documanted)
  • Finding funding (WG?)
  • Representation of BioDIP on events


  • Each WG should have:
  • A chair and a co-chair reporting shortly at least every other BioDIP meeting
  • 2-6 members meeting regularly (about once a month)
  • Regular meetings
  • WG1 Events
    • demo organization
    • organization of the BioDIP seminars
    • supporting / organizing pubic relation events
  • WG2 PR (so far Silke, Britta, Jens, Hella)
    • BioDIP website
    • BioDIP on social media
    • collaboration with local institutional PR offices (press, TV)
    • national and international networking
  • Alternative Proposal WG2 Website/Online Presence
    • BioDIP website
    • BioDIP on social media
    • Move collaboration with local institutional PR offices (press, TV) to Events (WG1) or Teaching/Outreach (WG3)
    • Have different WG for national and international networking
  • WG3 Teaching
    • TaerZ
    • WDR Mouse Day
    • LNoS
    • teaching users, staff, public (e.g. seniors)
  • WG4 System maintenance / quality / reproducibility (Bert,...)
    • Do we want a separate approach or do we join [QUAREP]?
    • identify/cover topics, best practices, hacks that are complementary to QUAREP (yet relevant to local community)?
    • (nearly) foolproof procedures to avoid hardware damage
  • WG5 EM (Tobias, Thomas, Thomas)
  • WG6 Bio-image Analysis (Robert, <<Interested volunteers please enter your name here>>)
    • Research data management
    • Research software
    • Standardization
    • Networking / Knowledge exchange
  • WG7 FLIM
  • WG8 Intravital Microscopy
  • WG9 Laser safety (so far Anja, Conni, Sebastian, Jens)
  • WG 10 Finances (Jan, Robert, ...)
    • search for and find funding

  • Additional WG suggestions
    Tissue Clearing, Custom-Building, High-Content Screening, ...
  • More?….
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