June 24, 2014: BioDIP summer seminar "CARS Microscopy: a new label-free imaging technique"

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CARS Microscopy: a new label-free imaging technique


                PD Dr. Gerald Steiner / Roberta Galli: Cells and tissue in the 
                spotlight: label-free optical analysis
                (Clinical Sensoring and Monitoring)
                Prof. Dr. Matthias Kirsch / Dr. Ortrud Uckermann: The optical 
                fingerprint of brain tumors
                (Department of Neurosurgery)     
                Prof. Dr. Matthias Kirsch / Robert Later: CARS imaging of the
                regenerating axolotl spinal cord
                (Department of Neurosurgery and CRTD)     

Date: 24th of June 2014

Time: 3-5 pm

Location: CRTD, Auditorium (left half)

Host: BioDIP

Resolving biological processes often relies on increasing the contrast by staining with e.g. fluorescent dyes. This labeling step can perturb the specimen and is often not desired e.g. in investigations in vivo. Vibrational spectroscopy, such as Raman and infrared spectroscopy, is a label free technique that provides direct molecular and structural information. The spectra of these complementary methods are hence referred to as molecular fingerprint. Infrared spectroscopy imaging and Coherent anti Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS) are relatively new techniques for a very fast and sensitive label-free microscopy of cells and tissues. We will present applications of these fast, label-free and in vivo techniques, among others for studying spinal cord regeneration in several animal models (rat, axolotl) and for observing tumor cells both in vivo and in cell culture.

Facility: Imaging@BIOTEC/CRTD

Topic: BioDIP summer seminar

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