June 30: BioDIP Seminar "Clearing Techniques"

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BioDIP Summer Seminar "Less scatter more image: tissue clearing techniques"


Uwe Schröer (LaVision BioTec): "Sample Preparation of Thick Tissues for Light Sheet Microscopy"

Olaf Selchow (Carl Zeiss Microscopy): "Imaging Optically Cleared Specimen with Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy"

Date: June 30, 2015

Time: 2-4pm

Location: CRTD, Seminar room 2

Tissue clearing allows imaging deep into large biological samples such as tissue sections, brains, embryos, organs or spheroids. The enhanced optical penetration depth can be used to image fluorescently labeled structures within large tissue samples such as whole mouse brains with high resolution. The focus of this seminar will be to show different methods of tissue clearing and how cleared samples are imaged best.

Facility: Imaging@BIOTEC/CRTD

Topic: Clearing Techniques

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