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Suitable for membrane trafficking studies; single molecule imaging; life yeast experiments; studies of cytoskeleton dynamics.


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MPI-CBG-Lmf-logo-big.pngMPI-CBG LMF (MPI-CBG, U32)




microscope Olympus - IX71, Inverted stand, manual, manual XY stage
Olympus UPlanSApochromat 10x 0.4
Olympus MPlanFluarN 100x 0.9
Olympus PlanApochromat 100x 1.45 Oil TIRFM
Olympus UApochromat 150x 1.45 Oil TIRFM
Olympus Apo N 100x 1.70 HIOil TIRFM
Transmitted Light (Halogen)
Fluorescence (Metal Halide, X-Cite, 120W)
Laser DPSS 491 nm
Laser DPSS 561 nm
detection [[detection::Andor iXon Ultra 897 BV back illuminated EMCCD spec sheet;
pixel size of EMCCD chip: 16um;

image pixel size (measured June 29th, 2012): with 10x objective: 1.592um/px (1x optovar); 0.795um/px (2x optovar); with 100x objective: 0.159um/px (1x optovar); 0.080um/px (2x optovar); with 150x objective: 0.104um/px (1x optovar); 0.052um/px (2x optovar)]]

reflectors Hamamatsu W-View image splitter:
two matching dichromatic mirrors: 590LP + 590SP; five emitters: 520/15, 525/30, 617/73, 628/40, Z491/561 M-TIRF
microscope filter turret:
position 1: for TIRF 488Ex/DC500/LP505Em, 2: for TIRF Z488Ex/DCZDC488/BP 520/40, 3: empty, 4: tripple DC for 491, 561 and 640 laser excitation, no emitter!, 5: dual Ex and DC for 491 and 561 laser excitation, no emitter!, 6: only DC and EM LP 575
features custom-built TIRF condenser, manual TIRF angle adjustment
software [[software::iQ 2.9 + iQ 3.2 iQ3 user guide
with Python IDE]]
incubation Stage incubator (T+CO2) + objective heater
  • [ beam path]
  • [ advanced system check]
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