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How to organize the facility entries


Each facility in the BioDIP has its own page, which is the source for all the informations. You can access these pages in various ways:

The Contact Information Sheet generates an overview on a single page about how to contact the facilities of the BioDIP. You can easily distribute it as A4 PDF if you click on Print as PDF in the toolbox part of the sidebar.

Edit an existing facility

The content of each facility page can be organized via a form. Once you are on such a page, choose the edit with form tab on top of it.

Add a new facility

Follow the link Facilities in the sidebar. At the end of that page you will find a field with the button add/edit facility next to it. Type in the name of the new facility. Keep in mind that this name will appear everywhere in the wiki, so choose wisely. One click on the button brings you to straight to the form, where you can enter all necessary details. If you have to add new members before, check the FAQs below. Once you are done, save the page.


We got a new assistant, who is not yet listed in the members list of the form. What should I do?

Each member has its own page in the category:Staff-db, which means you just have to create a new page there to add a member. Type the name of the member in the sidebar's search field and click Go. On the intermediate page, choose create this page, then enter
and click Save page. The new member will be available after reloading the facility form.

I changed some data or added a new facility, why doesn't it appear in the lists?

The automatically generated lists, i.e. the one on the main page, need some time to refresh. You have to be patient.

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