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How to handle the news system


The BioDIP wiki news system uses the semantic mediawiki extension and picks its news from the category:News. Each news entry is a page within this category. On the main page you find a section called News. A part of all news that exist are displayed there - more precise: the 5 most recently added news which are marked as include on main page. Click on the news title to access the according page. At the very end of the news section you can find a link called show all that brings you to a list of all news.

Query news

You can access the query page from the main page by clicking the run query link. Specify the news details and hit the Run query button.

Add news

Access the news list via the show all link on the main page. At the end of the list, enter a title for the news page. Remember that is has to be a unique one, otherwise you just edit an existing page. Hit the button add/edit news, enter the news details and click on 'Save page once you are done.

Edit news

Select the news page of interest from the list of all news or the results of a query. Click on edit with form to change the content. The initial title, user and date is fixed.


The changes I made are not visible on either main page or news list. What's wrong?

It takes some time for these sites to update, so please be patient. If you want to check the up-to-date status, run a news query with empty fields.

A news entry on the main page is outdated. How can I remove it?

Click on the news title and select the edit with form tab on top of the page. Set Show on main page? to No and save the page.

I have a topic in mind which is not in the dropdown list. How can I add it there?

The topics are organized in the category:topic-db. Type a new topic in the search field in the sidebar and hit Go. Select create this page. On the next page enter
and click Save page. The new topic will be available in the list once you reloaded the form.
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