Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

CFCI-LSM 01 Zeiss 880 Airy (Zeiss)

The Zeiss LSM 880 confocal laserscanning microscope is the newest generation of confocal systems. The sensitivity, resolution and speed allow to work on even weak signals or to obtain small or fast processes. The system ist equiped with a setup for live cell imaging and with the special Airyscan detector which gives you a resoluition down to 120nm laterally and 350nm axially. The fast scanner as well as the spectral detector complete this system to a multifunctional microscope. The laser lines are well distributed over the spectrum and the microscope is also capable for brightfield.


Laser scanning confocal


MTZ, LMF & EMF CFCI, room B.20.001B

Suitable for Specimen
Fixed samples
Live samples
Molecules at the surface of a cover slip
Suitable for Technique
3D imaging
Large area tile/mosaic scans
Spectral unmixing
Timelapse imaging
Multi wellplate imaging
Multiple positions
Microscope Stand
Additional Information
  • System described by manufacturer
  • Date of Installation 09.10.2018
  • End of Warranty 30.11.2020