Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I've never used a microscope before. Is that a problem?

This is no problem at all. BioDIP facilities offer ready to go high-end equipment along with the training required. Training is usually done on an individual basis. The length and intensity of the training is adjusted according to the user needs. If you want to learn in depth what is behind your sample interacting with light or electrons within the microscopes you may want to join one of our courses. Just get in touch with us!

I am not member of your institute, may I still use your microscopes?

BioDIP facilities provide open access to all members of research institutions and beyond. Be aware that all users will be charged for utilizing BioDIP equipment and services.

Will I need to pay something when using your microscopes?

Yes, accessing our instruments and services does cause real costs that need to be covered. The usage price depends on

  • your institute affiliation
  • the type of instrument that you want to use and
  • the amount of assistance and services that will be required.

If you need more detailed information, feel free to get in touch with us!