Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

Show and Tell

The idea here is clear: any concept is better explained with the feature of interest to look at and to touch.
You can basically use anything you can get your hands on: merchandising articles, broken equipment, special presentation equipment from the companies, ...
In our case we use for example:

an objective cut in half

Show them the intact side  first and let them guess of how many lenses such an objective consist. This usually puts quite some emphasize on the sentence "Handle your  objective with care"

  • a camera chip set in a paper weight  block

  • special ruler from Newport (Spectra Physics) called "Photon Tamer rules space and time"

    How fast does light really travel? May give a better understanding of the distance that (2photon laser-) light pulses really travel.

  • burned/disfigured mercury lamp bulbs

  • broken laser tubes

  • broken shutters