Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

Conduct part of your research at BioDIP facilities

BioDIP aims to join the Euro-BioImaging (EUBI) network, an extensive research infrastructure in Europe that provides open access, services and training to a broad range of state-of-the-art biological and medical imaging technologies. In 2013 BioDIP expressed its interest to become a EUBI node. After revision of our application by an independant evaluation board, BioDIP received the highest ranking and was "highly recommended" to become a European multi-modal & multi-sited node for advanced light microscopy.

At present, Germany has not joined the network as a member but closely follows its activities as an observer (DFG). As a consequence BioDIP is excluded from offering services to life scientists in Europe and beyond within the EUBI frame. In pursuance of the idea that BioDIP joins the EUBI network as soon as Germany participates in the project, we launched the project "Visit BioDIP as a Guest Scientist" which anticipates BioDIP's role as EUBI Node on a smaller scale.

Scientists can now apply for access to BioDIP facilities and use BioDIP's imaging infrastructure and services for their imaging project.