Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

BioDIP's History

The BioDIP has developed over a couple of years. Major steps were the foundation of the Imaging Facilities Network (IFN) in 2006 and later the foundation of the BioDIP in 2013 enabled by the DFG "Core facilities" funding.
Here you find the timeline containing minor and major milestones of BioDIPs development.


Jan Peychl has taken over leadership of the LMF at MPI-CBG

Kurt Anderson leaves for the Beatson Insitute in Glasgow, Scotland, where he will become a Professor of Cell Migration.


Silke White has joined the LMF at MPI-CBG



New Imaging Facility at Biotec:
Hella Hartmann

Hella has established the light microscopy facility at the Biotec (TU Dresden).


Imaging Facility at MPI-CBG:
Kurt Anderson

The Light MIcroscopy Facility at the MPI-CBG as the very first imaging facility on the campus was established by Kurt Anderson. He was supported by Jan Peychl and Jeremy Sanderson.