Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

BioDIP participated in "Maus Türöffner-Tag"

OCT 3 2019: BioDIP as one of the GerBI-GMB microscopy centers participated in "Maus Türöffner-Tag"

Date:   October 3, 2019

Time:  9 am to 1 pm

Location: Mikroskopiezentrum

BioDIP as one of the German BioImaging microscopy centers participated in WDR
"Maus Türöffner-Tag". We invited children of age 8-14 to get introduced to light microscopy and the world of very small objects, cells and organisms.

We offered 4 stations which were visited by all 32 children in turns:

  • Foldscope - fold your own microscope
  • Tardigrades - the world's smallest Superman
  • Cheek cells - stain your own cells with ink
  • Polarized light - make sugar as colorful as a soap bubble

The event was a real success: all kids were really excited, eager and pretty happy after each session. Everyone was keen on getting hold on a 3-D printed, colorful tradigrade and a microscope keychain that glows in the dark!

We were also filmed as well as interviewed by MDR who broadcasted the story during the "Sachsenspiegel" at 7 pm in the evening news!