Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

BioDIP Terms & Conditions

Once a user application has been reviewed and accepted, the user will proceed to the visit at one or more BioDIP Facilities, and the specific rules and guidelines regulating the access will be agreed upon between the user and the service-providing BioDIP Facility(ies). These guidelines will follow the applicable practices, laws and regulations of Germany, and experiments will be conducted according to the rules of the BioDIP Facility(ies).

After access, the user agrees to acknowledge BioDIP in any presentations or publications that include data and information produced during the access.
The user agrees that information about his/her application, its review process and post-project feedback are stored in the BioDIP database and can be used in an anonymized form for general BioDIP statistics and similar purposes. Requests to check or erase information from the database can be sent to isabel.raabe[at]