Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

BioDIP Access Procedure

1. Identifying the suitable imaging technology(ies) for your project

Search the desired technology(ies) and the BioDIP facility(ies) offering them from the Facilities tab. If you do not know which technology to choose and/or which facility to prefer, indicate this in the application form, and BioDIP will assist you.


2. Submission of application

Submit an application that describes the project to be carried out using the imaging technologies availabe at BioDIP facilities. The application form is simple and includes for instance personal information, the choices of technology(ies) and BioDIP facilities and information about the research project.
Please download the application form (PDF form), fill it out and send it to isabel.raabe[at]
You will find a link to the application form at the bottom of this page.

Application deadline is April 30, 2019.

3. Review of the application

Every application will go through two stages of evaluation. Firstly, BioDIP facility staff that will be selected depending on the technologies involved in the project will rate the technical feasibility. After a positive assessment in the first evaluation the proposal will be scientifically evaluated in the second step. Depending on the scientific subject this will be done either by a local scientist here in Dresden or if neccessary by an external expert.

The review procedure, until final notice of acceptance/rejection, is expected to take 3-4 weeks (end of May 2019).

4. After successful application evaluation

After your application has been accepted, a personal meeting or online conference with BioDIP will be scheduled to discuss further practical arrangements, including project preparation and time and duration of your visit.

5. During the visit

The BioDIP hosting institutions all have programs in place to assist scientists arriving in Dresden. They will support you with regard to all issues such as travel arrangements, accommodation, visa, shipment of samples etc.. At the BioDIP facilities you will receive hands-­on training for the technology(ies) you will use, access to equipment and materials, and expert support with data collection and analysis.

Download your BioDIP Application Form here.