Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

Networking Activities

BioDIP facilities collaborate with each other to optimally support all facility users, to solve technical issues and to bundle the expertise.


Moreover BioDIP facilities often stay in touch with past users that moved on to other places in the world. In our experience BioDIP "alumni users" especially appreciate the access to ready-to-use research infrastructure and our kow-how because they learned abroad this cannot be taken for granted. 

BioDIP is a project within the DRESDEN-concept that serves as legal entity for BioDIP activities.

BioDIP is member of German BioImaging-Gesellschaft für Mikroskopie und Bildanalyse (GerBI-GMB, Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis), the German network of microscopists and imaging specialists.

BioDIP aims to join the Euro-BioImaging network. This network will provide open user access to a complete range of state-of-the-art imaging technologies in biological, molecular and medical imaging for life scientists in Europe and beyond.