Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

3i Cleared tissue lightsheet (CTLS) on site demo

Introductory seminar and hands on demo of the CTLS instrument of 3i.

Date:       September 17, 2020

Time:       2pm

Location: CRTD, large auditorium

Speaker:  Daniel von Wangenheim (3i)

We will start out with a seminar on the 3i CTLS instrument which is a light sheet microscope dedicated to imaging of large cleared samples (tissue, organs, whole organisms).

The seminar is followed by an on site demo taking place on October 12-16th, 2020 at CMCB.
Everyone interested will get the chance to bring their own samples and get real hands-on experience!

For registering for a hands on demo slot please get in touch with Ruth Hans (ruth.hans[at]