Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

German BioImaging

We are member of German BioImaging (GerBI), the German network of microscopists and imaging specialists. BioDIP members participate in the GerBI steering committee and contribute to GerBI workgroups actively.


Some of us were taking part in the GerBI "Facility Management Courses for Imaging Specialists" already.


Since 2008 we hosted visiting core facility colleagues from Cologne, Bonn and Berlin. During the GerBI job shadowing program we hosted colleagues from core facilities in Berlin, Heidelberg, Magdeburg and Freiburg. In turn BioDIP members visited facilities in Freiburg, Heidelberg and Berlin.


Logo of the "Trends in Microscopy" conference series

BioDIP and German Bioimaging organize the DFG supported conference "Trends in Microscopy" at the CRTD in Dresden in February 2016.