Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

BioDIP's History

The BioDIP has developed over a couple of years. Major steps were the foundation of the Imaging Facilities Network (IFN) in 2006 and later the foundation of the BioDIP in 2013 enabled by the DFG "Core facilities" funding.
Here you find the timeline containing minor and major milestones of BioDIPs development.


ELYRA 7 demo at BioDIP!

Zeiss presents the new superresolution system ELYRA 7 featuring Lattice Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM). A seminar and indivdual hands-on sessions attracted many scientists.

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Objective cut in half 1
Objective cut in half 1

Expert on objectives visits BioDIP.

Michael Zölffl, expert for all objective related issues at Zeiss visits BioDIP and talks about "The art and craftsmenship of making a Carl Zeiss microscope objective".


New microscope at AIF!

The Organoids SPIM is a lightsheet optimized for long-term imaging under physiological conditions at medium spatial resolution.

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Imaris Workshop successfull!

A 2-day workshop on the image processing software Imaris with expert Michael Mahler was received very well. Participants learned basic applications as well as how to use specific modules such as tracking & lineage analysis and  cell analysis & filament tracing.

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