Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

BioDIP's History

The BioDIP has developed over a couple of years. Major steps were the foundation of the Imaging Facilities Network (IFN) in 2006 and later the foundation of the BioDIP in 2013 enabled by the DFG "Core facilities" funding.
Here you find the timeline containing minor and major milestones of BioDIPs development.


Merry Christmas!

We celebrate Christmas and meet for a cozy evening with pizza, beer and trashy presents!

The Day of Mouse Intravital Microscopy aims to connect scientists working in this particular field across Germany. Participants will have the chance to exchange knowledge and experience as well as to find new collaborations.

1st Day of Mouse Intravital Microscopy

1-day Workshop on intravital imaging at the Medical Theoretical Center, co-organised by GerBI-GMB and BioDIP and hosted by the CFCI.





New building for DZNE & B CUBE!

The Imaging Platform at the DZNE as well as the Molecular Imaging and Manipulation Facility of the B CUBE will move into the new building on Tatzberg 41.


Ina leaves the CFCI!

All the best for your future job!