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Rostro-caudal gradual loss of cellular diversity within the periventricular regions of the ventricular system.

Hermann A, Suess C, Fauser M, Kanzler S, Witt M, Fabel K, Schwarz J, Höglinger GU, Storch A

Neurogenesis occurs constitutively within the periventricular region (PVR) of the lateral ventricles (LV) of the adult mammalian brain. The occurrence of adult neurogenesis within the PVR outside the neurogenic niche of the LV remains controversial, but neural stem cells can be isolated from PVR of the whole ventricular system. The histological basis of this phenomenon including the regional differences of cellular phenotypes within the PVRs is still enigmatic. The occurrence of neurogenesis or manipulable progenitor cells in caudal parts of the adult brain is however one prerequisite for orthotopic regenerative approaches in Parkinson's disease (PD) and other disorders of the midbrain/brainstem. Using quantitative immunohistochemical techniques and electron microscopy, we found a rostro-caudal gradual loss of cellular diversity within the PVR throughout the whole ventricular axis with loss of transit amplifying epidermal growth factor-receptor(+) type C cells in all parts caudal to the LV, a gradual reduction from rostral to caudal of both stem cells (type B cells or astrocytes) without signs of proliferation outside the PVR of the LV as well as neuroblasts-like cells (polysialylated neural cell adhesion molecule [PSA-NCAM](+), but doublecortin negative cells) with a different morphology compared with neuroblasts of the PVR of the LV. Electron microscopy confirmed these immunohistochemical data. The proportion of Nestin(+)/CD24(+) cells and Nestin(+)/S100beta(+) ependymal cells were consecutively increased in the PVR from rostral to caudal, and ultrastructural analysis showed a region-specific morphology with darker cytoplasm with occasional large lipid droplets as well as indented nuclei within the caudal PVRs. The strong correlation of neuroblast-like cells with the number of neurosphere-forming cells suggests that a quiescent subtype of PSA-NCAM(+) cells might be a source of neurosphere-forming cells. We did not find any evidence for neurogenesis or the occurrence of neuroprogenitors within the substantia nigra or other parts of the midbrain/brainstem outside the PVR. Our data provide the histological framework for future studies on orthotopic regenerative approaches in PD by recruiting endogenous predopaminergic progenitors from the midbrain PVR.

Fig.6 taken from Hermann et al, 2009.
  • Stem Cells 2009 Apr;27(4):928-41
  • 2009
  • Neurobiology
  • 19353521
  • PubMed

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