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Morphological homeostasis by autophagy.

Lingwood D, Schuck S, Ferguson C, Gerl M, Simons K

With cellular organelles coming in all shapes and sizes, the principle 'form follows function' is readily discernible through the cytologist's lens. Architecturally, one might ask whether there is feedback in this organization. Does a cell 'know' when it has constructed membrane into the stacks of the Golgi, the cisternae of the mitochondria or the tubules of the endoplasmic reticulum? Proofreading can occur in vivo as both errors in nucleic acids and misfolds in proteins are recognized by the cell. Are there analogous systems which maintain/regulate the architectural integrity of organelles? Our recent paper entitled Generation of cubic membranes from controlled homotypic interactions of membrane proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum suggests that autophagy may play such a role.

  • Autophagy 2009 Oct 19;5(7):1039-40
  • 2009
  • Cell Biology
  • 19587538
  • PubMed

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