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Analysis of prototype foamy virus particle-host cell interaction with autofluorescent retroviral particles.

Stirnnagel K, Lüftenegger D, Stange A, Swiersy A, Müllers E, Reh J, Stanke N, Grosse A, Chiantia S, Keller H, Schwille P, Hanenberg H, Zentgraf H, Lindemann D

The foamy virus (FV) replication cycle displays several unique features, which set them apart from orthoretroviruses. First, like other B/D type orthoretroviruses, FV capsids preassemble at the centrosome, but more similar to hepadnaviruses, FV budding is strictly dependent on cognate viral glycoprotein coexpression. Second, the unusually broad host range of FV is thought to be due to use of a very common entry receptor present on host cell plasma membranes, because all cell lines tested in vitro so far are permissive.

Fig.3 taken from Stirnnagel et al, 2010.
  • Retrovirology 2010 May 17;7:45
  • 2010
  • Medical Biology
  • 20478027
  • PubMed

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